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Peakshunter is a team of qualified Mountain Guides: we love our job and the mountains and we are always looking for new adventures to share and remember.
Passion and determination are our guiding principles. We wish to pass them on to you, to brave out and win all challenged that we will share.

Are you a mountain enthusiast? Are you a beginner and want to learn more about this wonderful environment?
Set off with us to brave out the challenge of new and unforgettable adventures in the mountains!

We are a team of Mountain Guides certified by IFMGA , the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations organization. We guarantee high technical preparation and we constantly refresh our training in each discipline.



Skiing pristine and silent slopes surrounded by breathtaking scenery.
Defying the laws of nature to climb ephemeral ice falls.
Climb with bare hands on the rock of the cliffs and the most spectacular long routes.
Discover our proposals to enjoy the mountains in a different way.

Ski mountaineering course - basic module
Ski mountaineering course - basic module
This basic ski mountaineering course is for those who want to approach this exciting discipline…
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Freeriding training course
Freeriding training course
This freeriding training course is for those who want to learn to ski off-piste and have fun on un-groomed snow…
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Lofoten ski touring (Norway)
Lofoten ski touring (Norway)
Ski touring to Lofoten, where the colors of the sky meet the snow-capped mountains until they dive into the sea.
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Ski Touring on Etna
Ski Touring on Etna
Ski touring on Etna: unforgettable weekend in an surprising and unusual andnvironment. Enjoying scents and flavors of a superb island.


Ski touring on Etna

A trip for off-piste skiing enthusiasts in the Sicily of the highest volcano in Europe. Three days to enjoy the thrill of ski-mountaineering climbs with limited technical difficulties, with average daily gradients. Never higher than 1,000 meters.

A bit more challenging, but definitely appreciable, the variant that provides for the south-north crossing of the volcano. A fascinating panoramic route. Through the North East Crater, the Pizzi de' Neri and the Grotta del Gelo, offers unique emotions.

A complete experience to experience the environment of the volcano in all its facets. An excursion to be carried out in conditions of optimal snowfall and of great satisfaction even for the most demanding ski mountaineers.

Snow and ski mountaineering conditions

Already at the end of November, over 2000 meters, the snowpack on Etna is sufficiently continuous and compact. The first snowfalls, due to their constitution of very "wet" crystals, therefore in great cohesion among them, are the most important for the accumulation of winter snow.

The damp and compact layer, by freezing, helps the lightest and driest snow of December to join better to the volcanic soil. Protect it at the same time from strong winter winds. For this reason, the first ascents at the end of December-beginning of January are often very funny. It seems in fact to ski on perfectly beaten snow and compact, even if you have to pay attention to the ice. For this reason, we therefore recommend the use of knives or rampant.

With the snowfalls of December and January, the ski mountaineering season on Etna comes into full swing. On Etna, unlike many other ski resorts, ski mountaineering can be practiced safely throughout the season.

Etna Volcano

With its 3,350 meters of height and its perfect conical shape, Etna is a volcano of great charm. Its profile distinguishes the landscape of all eastern Sicily, because visible at a distance up to 250 kilometers. Every 3 years the eruptions of the most active cones allow you to witness fascinating eruptions while admiring lava flows on the slopes.

The Mediterranean atmosphere, the mild climate, the aromas, the warm and cheerful Sicilian hospitality, as well as the flavors of a traditional and authentic cuisine, will make our Etna adventure unique!

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Vallée Blanche

The downhill par excellence, along the Mont Blanc massif up to Chamonix. The queen of all off-piste downhills!
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calendario WHEN: from January to April
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