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A pioneer in the safety sector, the ORTOVOX brand has made a decisive contribution to the development of products for mountain emergencies. Since its foundation in 1980 south of Munich, ORTOVOX has been synonymous with protection and comfort for alpine activities. Innovative products, as well as targeted training activities, still contribute today to making alpine sports safer and saving lives.
Since 1988, the ORTOVOX range has been expanded to include wool clothing, with products for both winter and summer. Every company activity is characterised by sustainability. The commitment to safe and fair working conditions is just as important as the welfare of the sheep and environmentally friendly production.
In cooperation with mountain guides and safety experts, ORTOVOX launched the SAFETY ACADEMY in 2008: an all-round training project with avalanche courses held by mountain guides, in which the latest products and tools are used. Since its foundation, the training offer of SAFETY ACADEMY has been continuously expanded. Today, SAFETY ACADEMY stands for comprehensive mountain safety training, including rock climbing and mountaineering courses from basic to expert levels.

Grivel produces gear and equipment for mountaineering, rock climbing and other outdoor activities. Established in 1818 in Courmayeur by the Grivel family: it is the oldest manufacturer of mountaineering equipment still in existence. It remained a family business for generations. However, the business shrivelled in the ‘70s, when the company found itself unable to fight off fierce competition from abroad. In 1982, Goachino Gobbi and a group of enthusiasts decided that a respected name built on 160 years of tradition, and a location at the feet of Mont Blanc could once more be a recipe for success and a bright future. Today, the company has offices and facilities in Courmayeur, Verrayes in the Aosta Valley, Vivaro in the Friuli region and Chamonix in France. It exports to 26 different countries and is popular with mountaineers all over the world. The company has held GS TÜV certification since 1992, ISO 9001 since 1996 and ISO 1400 since 2004. All its safety products (ice axes, crampons, bolts and helmets) are strictly manufactured in Italy.

The best athletes in the world, the most prestigious Mountain Guides and rescuers have been turning to POMOKA skins for over 80 years. Over the past decade we gathered plenty of knowledge about snow: leveraging this knowledge for its research and development, POMOCA became undisputed leader in high quality skins. Physicists and chemists, together with textile engineers and athletes, shape the contact surfaces of materials to maximize the skins’ performance in the climb, creating advanced technology for maximum grip and sliding on the snow.

In 1888, Jules Baud had a vision: to create an eyewear company that was innovative and outstanding in equal measure. Since then, our family-run company has stayed faithful to this philosophy, making inspired products based on careful observation and boundless creativity. Our constant commitment is to make the best products to help anyone go further thanks to the right protection. But more than just products, Julbo is a state of mind focused on sharing, fun and excitement.

Guglielmo and Angelo Levi, descendants of a long line of famous “grapat” of Campodolcino, founded in Aosta the eponymous distillery, the oldest in the Valley, at the end of the XIX. The Sant’Orso Grappa, celebrated as the most famous saint of the region, was named after the ancient village where the distillery was. In 1968, the heir of Giglielmo, Natalina Levi, founded with her husband, the Saint-Roch Distillery, moving the headquarters in Quart. Today Saint Roch, the brand of the Valley’s most famous spirits, combines tradition and quality, also guaranteed by “the proof od authenticity” of the “Saveurs du Val d’Aoste” logo, which protects and promotes the region’s traditional products, certifying and emphasising their character and uniqueness. An award-winning company, thanks to its speciality spirits and liqueurs, such as the celebrated “Génépy – Artemisia St.Roch”.

Brand that brings together a group of small local producers and businesses that promote typical products of the Aosta Valley, flavors of a unique and extraordinary place in the heart of the Alps and surrounded by the highest mountains in Europe. They use traditional production methods and their products are not found in supermarkets or other large retailers. Tascapan promotes short chain, by selecting the excellence of the territory and supporting rural and mountain communities.

Entrepreneurship, professionalism, love for the traditions of Valdostan gastronomic culture and a passion for excellence. These are the cornerstones of the project of Mathieu, owner of Prosciuttificio Gran San Bernardo 2473: an ambitious 100% Aosta Valley company. A company that loves its territory and promotes its excellence on a national and international level.
Situated along the famous Via Francigena, the ham factory is located in Saint-Oyen, in the heart of the Gran San Bernardo valley. Jambon alla Brace di Saint-Oyen, the First and Only Cooked Ham roasted in a real wood-fired oven, is one of the most recognised and appreciated typical food products (P.A.T.) in the gastronomic culture of the Aosta Valley.