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Mont Blanc Elite routes Mont Blanc Elite routes

Mont Blanc Elite routes

The three great ridges that give access to the “Giant of the Alps”, the Mont Blanc summit from its South face: Peuterey Ridge, Innominata Ridge and Brouillard Ridge.

A unique and grandiose setting, the one of Mont Blanc, between majestic and legendary places.
Peaks perched
in the most remote corners of its massif.
A site ethereal and fascinating, but very severe.
Spaces of great emotion,
where you can find the most elegant and aesthetic routes of the most prestigious alpinism.
Three climbs reserved only for expert mountaineers, to reach the highest peak of the Alps, the Mont Blanc, from its South side:
Peuterey Ridge, Innominata Ridge and Brouillard Ridge.
These routes are a dream for many enthusiast mountaineers.
But only very few can afford to include in its own to their mountaineering curriculum.
They require remarkable physical and mountaineering skills,  as well as great technicality and preparation.
Never banal itineraries in the climbs and equally ingenious even in the descents.
Passages that enable you to better appreciate the extraordinary and rugged beauty of untrodden paths, above the clouds, where isolation is real.
On the trail of the legendary alpinism.



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