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Mountaineering Great routes Mountaineering Great routes

Mountaineering Great routes

A journey through the most memorable peaks of the history of alpinism, to discover the profound reasons for timeless conquests.

“Only those who practice high-altitude mountaineering can understand its magnitude and severity […]. And if things were not so, if the mountain forces were not infinitely superior to those of men, what would be the motivations for mountain climbing? […]
The need to go beyond themself, without which men would not have crossed oceans, conquered poles of the Earth. And discovered new territories in an era in which the doors of the unknown could only be opened by their courage and their intelligence. Those desire and need are born precisely from this weakness, by this vulnerability.”

(Adapted from René Desmaison, 342 hours on the Grandes Jorasses)

Born from the strength, courage and spirit of conquest of men from distant times.
Names of legendary mountaineers carved into the rock of the mountains that bear the signs of their passage.



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