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Skiing Training courses Skiing Training courses

Skiing Training courses

Learning how to ski outside the marked trails, tracing your lines in fresh snow, creating elegant arabesques on pristine slopes. Learning how to master, with field practice, the basic backcountry techniques.

Learning the key facts you need to be safe on immaculate and pristine grounds. A wide range of easy and undemanding training courses, adaptable to the needs and abilities of participants, designed to help everyone to reach a good level of autonomy and safety in a short time. The goal is to make you independent in choosing ski mountaineering routes, reducing risks. And providing you, one trip after the other, the appropriate skills to ensure your safety in backcountry outings.

Our programs are organized by groups, but can be tailored to your needs. The proposals may vary depending on your availability: the lessons are concentrated at the weekend or distributed on different dates. We are available for any customized variation or program.



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