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Mountaineering training courses Mountaineering training courses

Mountaineering training courses

A course dedicated to those who want to be able to organize independent itineraries, experimenting experiences with their own strength.

Our training proposal is an opportunity to evaluate your mountaineering level in the planning and management of a climb. Suitable to anyone who wants to improve autonomy and expand technical knowledge. A specific program for anyone who wants to be able to organize independent itineraries and experience on mountains. Or even for those who want to improve their technical skills or acquire basic skills.
A variety of targeted short training courses and a few simple lessons, always accompanied by practical explanations and technical tests in the field.
An opportunity to get involved in the test field next to a professional, certified and competent Mountain Guide.
For anyone who want to prepare to undertake more ambitious experiences. For those who wants to deal with specific training to support advanced level trips. For those who are looking for a specific training to complete more challenging hikes.
Practical tests aimed at providing basic mountaineering knowledge, to improve training and management skills in a roped party.
Thanks to the educational support and technical skills of a certified Alpine Guide.
And, finally, for those who want to prepare to climb more ambitious summits, a useful test before taking advanced level trips.



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