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Ski mountaineering Ski mountaineering

Ski mountaineering

Ski mountaineering and off-piste skiing. A great classic that never goes out of style: on the contrary, it gets more and more fans every day!

Ski mountaineering is an activity for ski passionate who are tired of crowded slopes and annoyed by long queues at the lifts.
It’s for all those who loves ski and would rather go off the beaten track, in the silence of their proceeding.
A silence broken only by the rhythm of their breath and by the sound of skis on the snow.
The best way to explore the peaks in winter with your skis on your feet, in freedom and safety.
nd enjoy the luxury of solitary runs, between valleys, to leave their signature on slopes conquered with hard work and determination.
A unique challenge, in the continuous ambition to climb higher and higher, step by step.
Up the summit, to be able to contemplate the path from the top, With pride and personal satisfaction.
The ski mountaineering knows beautiful, intact and often inviolate points of view, while choosing the way back.
And can
admire 360° panoramas from unique viewpoints.
The off-piste enchantment: an emotion to try for every true ski enthusiast!



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