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Mountaineering training tours Mountaineering training tours

Mountaineering training tours

Training tours are aimed at achieving a goal, a destination, an ambitious peak. Suitable to climbers and enthusiasts who want to achieve the dream of a conquest.

For people who want to test his physical ability.
For people who want to refine climbing techniques and and improve personal preparation to face your limits and try to overcome them.
Climbing high mountains has something magical and intriguing.
Because it is often technically complex: the environmental conditions are often challenging and severe.
At high altitudes and in certain conditions the climb becomes more strenuous.
Breathing becomes more wheezy, conditions harsher and resistance to fatigue demands fortitude.
In addition, soul-searching and ability to go beyond your tolerance threshold.
This is why, an appropriate induction training is the best guarantee of success of any enterprise.
It is an effective tool to better address the big climbs, to experience the satisfaction of achievement!

“At 4000 m the air has a special flavour, but you have to earn it…”
(Gaston Rebuffat)



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